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Caviar: Ultimate Luxury

More than any other foodstuff, caviar embodies the notion of celebration.  It is rare and expensive, requires delicate handling and is something of an acquired taste.  It’s natural affinity for Champagne and traditional home at the start of great meals only add to its natural aura of luxury and status. Since the days when a … Continue reading

db Bistro Moderne, in Photos

We’re on the east coast this week, celebrating the holidays with friends and family, and since we’re within range of New York City we’ll be popping in to enjoy a few great meals in the nation’s culinary capital.  Our first non-turkey holiday meal took place at db Bistro Moderne, Chef Daniel Boulud’s contemporary bistro in … Continue reading

Oenotri, In Photos

Oenotri is one of our favorite restaurants.  We’ve been enjoying the restaurant since they first opened and have known chef/owners Tyler Rodde and Curtis Di Fede since their days in the kitchen at Oliveto.  Meals at Oenotri are always exciting, interesting and full of dishes with bold, intriguing flavors.  They are a perfect example of … Continue reading

Feeling Festive with Caviar

With the holidays around the corner we’re feeling festive as we work on a new post dedicated to that ultimate holiday treat: Caviar.

ID Interview: Céline Labaune

Céline Labaune was born in the south of France but now resides in New York City.  Through Gourmet Attitude, the company she founded in 2003, Céline has become the truffle purveyor to some of the nation’s finest restaurants.  Her truffles can be found on the tables of Chefs Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, Grant Achatz, Jonathan … Continue reading

Butternut Squash

All squash have their origins in the distant history of Mesoamerica, with estimates based on archeological evidence placing earliest cultivation between 8,000 and 10,000 years ago.  However the much beloved and widely consumed butternut squash originated in the notably less distant past, somewhere between Vermont and Massachusetts in the early 1940’s. Such developments are only … Continue reading

The Black Truffle

Though most commonly associated with the Périgord region of France, the black truffle – Tuber melanosporum vitt to the more exacting – in fact hails from throughout southern France, western Spain and northern Italy, where it is to be found from December through March.  In fact today the production of Périgord accounts for only a … Continue reading


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