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Culinary Gardens of the Napa Valley with the IACP

Last Saturday we led a group of attendees from the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) on a tour of Napa Valley’s most beautiful and interesting culinary gardens. The goal was to see the full range of possibilities for small scale farming in the valley and in visiting The French Laundry, Frog’s Leap and Oenotri … Continue reading

Produce Paradise: The Berkeley Bowl

Even if you’ve never had the pleasure of living in the San Francisco Bay Area, you may have encountered the produce shopping mecca that is The Berkeley Bowl through the writing of Berkeley food luminaries like Michael Pollan as they describe their personal shopping. If you you enjoy planning your travels around food-themed destinations and … Continue reading

Feeling Festive: Truffle Gallery

With the holidays approaching and a few parties on the horizon, we’ve been thinking a lot about our favorite celebration ingredients: truffles & caviar. Enjoy this little gallery of some of our favorite truffle images as well as our past posts on caviar and interview with truffle purveyor Céline Labaune on the main page.

Ingredient: Lentils

I was subjected to lentils long before I truly learned to enjoy them. They do not look like much, often just tiny drab green pods, though encountering them as such obscures a long culinary heritage. Lentil soup was a standard part of my mother’s culinary repertoire. Perhaps it was the knowledge that her love for … Continue reading

Copper River Sockeye Salmon Gravlax

The term Gravlax (though this appears to be a purely Western spelling) literally means “Grave Salmon” or “Buried Salmon.” The name, and the tradition, arose from a preparation in medieval times that involved curing raw fish by salting and burying it on the beach. The preparation continues to play a prominent role in Scandinavian cuisine … Continue reading

Windrose Farm Celebrated at Bouchon Beverly Hills

For the past two weeks Bouchon Bistro in Beverly Hills has offered a special menu showcasing the produce of a single California grower: Windrose Farm in Paso Robles.  The partnership is a true Californian celebration of spring.  At a time when much of the Northern Hemisphere is still wrapped in winter, in the Golden State … Continue reading

Chef Thomas Keller Discusses the Humble Egg

Last week the Los Angeles Times featured its third installment from Chef Thomas Keller as part of their “Master Class” series.  This time, Chef Keller focused on a humble ingredient that is full of possibilities and promise. From the article: The real test of a chef doesn’t come from elaborate dishes with luxury ingredients such … Continue reading

Brussels Sprouts with Spanish Chorizo

Brussels sprouts roasted in the oven, with crispy outer leaves and silky interiors, are a favorite winter dish.  Typically we would add lardons of bacon for their richness, salt and smoky flavor but with a hunk of Spanish dry chorizo in the fridge it seemed like the time to try something new. The defining ingredient … Continue reading

Caviar: Ultimate Luxury

More than any other foodstuff, caviar embodies the notion of celebration.  It is rare and expensive, requires delicate handling and is something of an acquired taste.  It’s natural affinity for Champagne and traditional home at the start of great meals only add to its natural aura of luxury and status. Since the days when a … Continue reading

Butternut Squash

All squash have their origins in the distant history of Mesoamerica, with estimates based on archeological evidence placing earliest cultivation between 8,000 and 10,000 years ago.  However the much beloved and widely consumed butternut squash originated in the notably less distant past, somewhere between Vermont and Massachusetts in the early 1940’s. Such developments are only … Continue reading


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